Becoming a Partner
+ Who can join the alliance? 

Membership of the KNGDM Alliance is open to all churches, ministries, and the people leading those churches and ministries, if they agree with our mission, vision and values, regardless of the denomination they belong to. You are also welcome to join if your ministry or church is non denominational.   

+ Benefits of the alliance   

Members of the KNGDM Alliance benefit from the input of the Global Team, which are carefully selected to represent the fivefold ministry. Other benefits include: discounts on ministry offerings from our partner ministries; meaningful relationships with other member ministries and churches; free resources; inspiring gatherings; opportunities to work together on global missions.   

+ Your role in KNGDM Alliance’s mission   

KNGDM Alliance’s mission is mainly funded through generous donations of our members, as well as donations and grants from other individuals and organizations who support our mission. Also, the alliance relies heavily on people volunteering their time to help and serve others in the network. That way we can keep our staff small. So your donations and your time investment are highly appreciated!   

+ Join the family! 

Join our family and join us on our – on Jesus’ – mission, and see his purposes and plans fulfilled in our day in the power of his Spirit! Attend our gatherings and conference to connect and meet other like- minded people. We highly value your participation, as we are a relational network – a true KNGDM family! Send us an email at and we’ll start the conversation! 

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